Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the social norms and believes and responsibilities of, or proper practices

All employees, volunteers, attendees, and representatives of sponsors and clients involved with the organization and execution of hack.institute functions are required to read and agree to this code. We expect cooperation from all our partners and participants in helping to keep these events safe, respectful, and open to all parties involved.

Need Help?

Our team is dedicated to keeping you safe and addressing any concerns you might have during one of our events. If you observe or experience harassment or any other behavior – physical, verbal, or otherwise – that you believe violates the code of conduct, please reach out directly to Frederik Nyga (frederik@hack.institute) or Melanie Baur (melanie@hack.institute) at your comfort and discretion.

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General Code of Conduct

It is our team’s highest priority to make sure that the environments and experiences of all our events are secure and comfortable before, during, and after their occurence. We offer this guarantee universally and without regard for gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, faith, creed, or technology choices.

We exercise a zero-tolerance policy in the enforcement of our standards regarding harassment, regardless of the form it takes. We understand harassment as comprising any and all unwelcome verbal or physical behavior (including photo- and audio-recording) towards others on the basis of the identities enumerated above. Actions deemed to violate the consent of any given event participant – with consent and the terms of its exercise defined by the individual experiencing such actions – will be designated by the hack.institute as harassment. Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior by the object of their harassment or the hack.institute team will be expected to comply with that request immediately or face repercussions.

Moreover, sexual or sexualizing gestures, language, and imagery are strictly forbidden in all offline and online spaces associated with the hack.institute, including event venues, official and unofficial parties, social media channels, and other digital platforms.

Any event participant found to be violating these rules may be sanctioned at the discretion of event organizers or forum moderators without respect to the violator’s title and including representatives of hack.institute’s clients and partners. Such sanction may include a public warning, expulsion from the event in question without refund of any payments made to hack.institute, and banning violators from future functions and digital platforms organized by the company.

In addition, hack.institute staff and volunteers will be happy to facilitate contact with venue security or local law enforcement, provide personal escorts, or otherwise assist any individual or group that experiences harassment or otherwise feels unsafe in the duration of the event.

Particulars with Respect to Social Media Responses

In the event that a participant experiences the behavior or speech of another event attendee as bothersome, confrontational, or offensive, but not harassing, please do not immediately take to social media to post something that will be understood as retaliatory. It is our aim to make sure that everyone, including people who hold views or values that are in tension with those of their peers, are allowed to feel safe. We all make mistakes, and we do not understand tweetstorms or Facebook diatribes as ways for anyone to learn from those mistakes.

Instead, please consider reaching out to a hack.institute staff member by any of the means of communications listed above, and we will do our best to resolve the difference in question.

We value the clients, sponsors, and attendees that shape and enliven our events, and we enumerate the above mainly to guarantee that all of our partners can invest themselves fully in the processes that further their and our goals, without fear of being threatened in the course of their involvement.

Original source and credit: JSconf.eu, Ada Initiative and The European Institute of Gender Equality for their work to define harassment and just responses.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

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