With technologies driving the automation of cars from the factory floor to the highway, we partnered for a second time with Bosch to envision how the manufacturer can get ahead of this technical revolution, with a focus on improvements in Car2Car communication.

We put out a call for experts in the areas of robotics, sensors, and image-processing to spend a weekend tinkering with mobile, differential-drive machines known as Amigobots.

Our participants experimented with different platform modulations, including sonar equipment, artificial intelligence software, and other sophisticated tools that demonstrate the unfolding possibilities of the next generation of automobiles.

BOSCH Automatisiertes Fahren Hackathon

BOSCH Automatisiertes Fahren Hackathon: Teilnehmer-Diskussion


Event: Hackathon
Partner: BOSCH
Sponsors: GitHub
Date: 11-13 November 2016
Location: Abstatt
Participants: > 30
Product Prototypes: > 5

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