InsurTech Hackathon @ InsurTech Week


Within the framework of Köln’s InsurTech Week, we assembled a team of young talents and seasoned entrepreneurs from across the city to address the digitalization of insurance related to the elderly, drones, and smart household appliances.

In partnership with several of Germany’s leading businesses in the field of securitization, we led five teams of techies through a weekend-long process to devise innovative approaches to the specific difficulties of these coverage groups.

We began with a ‘Think Outside the Box‘ workshop to develop a suite of prototypes; posed a series of challenges meant to refine the proposals; and helped a jury of experts to select a winner, ´Elite Pensioner´ an IOT-based solution offering everyday and emergency services to seniors.


Event: Community Hackathon
Partners: STARTPLATZ & InsurLab Germany
Sponsors: Gothaer, ABUS, Delvag, nexible, TimeRide and BadApe
Date: 8-9 June 2018
Location: Köln
Participants: > 25
Product Prototypes: 3

The priority for us was to enable our employees to take part in a method that is truly new to Gothaer. Together, with our cooperation partner (ABUS), we were able to use this format to pose challenges to participants that can lead to new modes of cooperation in the future. Last but not least, we used it as a chance in the war of talents to get the attention of young, unconventional thinkers.

Jennifer Dahmen
Digital Analyst
Gothaer Finanzholding

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